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The domain is owned by Free.TV. I, Bjarne Lundgren, have legally borrowed it to put these pages on it. Any concerns relating to the contents of these pages should be directed to me, NOT FreeTV. The pages are hosted on my own server.

Dec 17 2004 I now own Greylisting.Org, finally I convinced the nice guys at Free.TV / OpenDomain.Org to hand it over :-)

Adding an article, link

Anyone, who has a website / page online that is related to greylisting, is welcome to contact me with the URL. If applicable I will then be happy to add it to one of my pages.

I would also be happy to host any greylisting relevant articles in the articles section of the site. If you have written something please do not hesitate to tell me about it!

Contact me

Before contacting me, please keep in mind that I DO NOT run any greylisting implementations and that I am not responsible for any greylists/blacklists whatever. All I do is provide information about what greylisting is. So if you want to be removed from some form of greylist - I am not in a position to do anything about it! You can contact me through: webmaster[at-sign]


I need a new logo for the website, but my graphics skills are very very bad. So if anyone has the time to create a logo in the correct size (740x78) I would much appreciate it! I would give credits for it on this page.

Dec 22 2004 On my request Ivan at was kind enough to provide a logo for the site!


Thanks to POWWEB for sponsoring this hosting account in the past.

Thanks to OpenDomain.Org / http://www.Free.TV for handing over the domain :-)

Thanks to Ivan from for making the logo!

Thanks to all the people that take the time to email me suggestions, I really appreciate it.

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