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This section contains a number of articles and links to articles about greylisting. You are welcome to submit articles or links to articles to me (contact info on the about page).

Greylisting - hosted here

The Next Step in the Spam Control War: Greylisting

RFC 821: Simple Mail Transfer protocol - greylisting should work with all RFC complaint MTAs (mail transfer agent).

What's with all these "lists"? What's the difference?


Slashdot | The Next Step in Fighting Spam: Greylisting

Greylisting FAQ (Texas A&M University)

Ny Teknik - Spam er inte laengre nogot problem! (in Swedish)

In article on greylisting advantages, disadvantages, installation and configuration and whitelisting (in German)

Greycasting: a distributed heavy duty greylisting implementation

Why worry about image spam if you have greylisting?

Anti-Spam general

Reduce your intake of spam @ Personal Computer World


Greylisting anti spam solution for Qmail (flat-file)

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