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2016-10-15 Added new resources in the implementations, links and articles sections.
2016-10-14 Added illustrations to various pages.
2016-10-13 Layout fix, reworked news/blog.
2016-10-04 Layout updates and other tweaks.
2010-09-08 Added many new implementations, tweaked a lot of other pages as well and updated the design
2009-11-15 Added more implementations, articles and more!
2009-05-08 Corrected some links, typos and added a bit around the site.
2008-05-18 Added some new implementations.
2007-12-27 Some implementations updated and added, articles section re-organised a bit and a new major user added.
2007-08-24 Minor design change, new implementations and updated the problem MTAs section.
2007-05-26 Added a section for problem servers/MTA (mail transfer agents) as well as many more implementations.
2007-02-02 Added a new implementation and also an article on limiting your spam to the articles page, in which is also featured on page 4 :-)
2007-01-29 Integrated forum updates into the homepage (here).
2007-01-26 Due to several requests (and in general an increasing amount of traffic), I have relaunched the forum (NOT phpbb!).
2007-01-25 Added the option to toggle older news on/off.
2007-01-23 Added another implementation, fixed a link on the exchange implementations page.
2007-01-13 Several implementations added and more major users.
2006-10-06 A few minor design adjustments.
2006-09-25 Some implmentations added and a new link..
2006-08-02 Whitelisting page updated, added a new implementation and fixed a link error.
2006-02-28 Made a few minor updates.
2006-02-21 Some additional implementations added.
2006-01-14 Added a link to the links page and updated a few other pages. More to arrive soon!
2005-12-04 Added links and implementations and corrected some typos..
2005-08-07 Added forums for discussing greylisting, also numerous minor additions.
2005-06-14 Few additions in the implementations section.
2005-04-20 Long time with no updates, added various links and corrections today.
2005-01-11 Fixed various minor issues.
2005-01-02 Started moving the site to another server.
2004-12-22 Uploaded a new logo (by Ivan)
2004-12-21 Anti-Spam Website Rewarded with Ownership of the Domain from
2004-12-19 New design comming online
2004-12-17 Updated the articles section, design updates
2004-12-15 Added another generic greylisting solution.
2004-11-19 Updated whitelisting page and postfix implementations page.
2004-10-13 Some new implementaions and other minor updates
2004-09-15 Added a few implementations and whitelisting entries
2004-08-28 Added some major users, made some minor corrections
2004-07-30 Much delayed update! (sorry!)
2004-06-03 New design online :-)
2004-05-27 Added Michael Moritzs' gps for postfix.
2004-05-23 Revised and added some stuff on the implementations page
2004-05-15 Some spelling errors corrected, added yet another exim greylisting implementation
2004-04-19 Site went online.

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